Jeys Marabini goes Sadc


MAJAHAWODWA Ndlovu, aka Jeys Marabini is set to tour various Sadc countries to market Zimbabwean jazz music in the southern region.

Luyanduhlobo Makwati
Own Correspondent

Marabini said most local artistes were doing well, but they had never given themselves time to take their music to other countries and market themselves.

He said he was looking forward to touring all Sadc countries this year as in the past years he had concentrated on touring Europe and the United States.

“I have never performed in some of the countries in Sadc save for South Africa and Zimbabwe. This year I will be working hard to make sure that I market my music in those countries.

“Most people have failed in their music careers because they have only confined themselves to their countries of origin. Some of these upcoming artistes such as Uhuru of the Y Tjukutja fame, have managed to bring their music to Zimbabwe. In the same manner I would like to urge other upcoming artistes to market themselves internationally,” he said.

Marabini added that the move would broaden his fan base in Sadc and it would contribute immensely to his career.

“I think in my career, I have tried my best to create a sound fan base, but I feel that I can do more and increase my fans base in Sadc. The only way is to make sure that I start performances in the region,” Marabini said.

Jeys has several albums under his belt. His career stretches back to the early ’90s when he used to sing imbube before he ventured into live band music.