MPs receive prayers


SENIOR Catholic Jesuit priest Kizito Mhembere on Wednesday evening challenged MPs to craft laws that will address the socioeconomic problems bedeviling ordinary people.


Speaking at a special dedication mass for MPs at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Harare where he also prayed for several legislators who attended the mass, Mhembere said politicians had to realise that all Zimbabweans had similar basic needs.

MP’s present included Jessie Majome, Jonathan Samukange, Christina Nyere, Goodluck Kwaramba, Jennifer Mutange, Lucia Chitera, Getrdue Hungwa and House of Assembly speaker Jacob Mudenda.

“You are the ones who enact laws. Jesus Christ says in the Bible when I was hungry and naked you did not give me food and clothing,” Mhembere said.

“We don’t want people to continuously beg because they have no jobs. You are drawn from different parties, but that doesn’t matter. We all have similar needs.”

He said parliamentary debates should be constructive and result in action that meets people’s needs.

“I wouldn’t care whether the maize I finally get was produced organically or ordinary fertiliser was used,” Mhembere said.

“All I need at the end of the day is mealie-meal.”

He stressed the importance of praying for those in leadership and urged the legislators to be prayerful so that they will be able to discern if the Bills they debate would be good for the nation.

He said the parliamentarians must seek God’s wisdom and not rely on their own strength and knowledge.