Alaina does it again with Juice Box


NINETEEN-YEAR-OLD model-cum-musician Alaina Shanice Pullen, who released her debut single titled The Business early this year, has done it again with a single Juice Box.


Bulawayo-born Alaina, as Pullen is affectionately known, said her first single motivated her to do another track.

“My debut single inspired me to work on another single which will lead to an incredible album. It was received very well in the city.
“I just want to show the world what I am made of and that I can make it in the industry,” she said.

Alaina described her latest single as a love song.

“It’s more of a love song. It’s something you would want to dedicate to that someone extra special that just makes you feel amazing,” she said.

“The music industry has taught me to be strong and tough unlike modelling.

“I have also learnt that not everyone will like your music and that I should continue working hard. It is better to all the negative comments and use them as constructive criticism at the end of the day,” she added.

On both songs the musician worked with local top producer Polite Sithole popularly known as P2daoh.

“I enjoy working with P2daoh. His beats are great and he is professional.

“He is someone that you would want to continue working with,” she revealed.

The budding musician was crowned Miss Teen Bulawayo and second princess Miss Teen Zimbabwe 2011.

She is set to advance her studies overseas later this year.