Stop, look and ask


VERY few people in life would stop somewhere in their life’s journey and reflect.

Just making time to stop and look at your life and rethink some issues is very important, particularly those who want to win this race.

Many of us travel through life driven and blinkered by so many things — emotions, feelings, bitterness, anger, pressure, an unforgiving spirit, hatred and many other negative forces — that destroy us.

These will always lead your life in the wrong direction and eventually tear it apart.

You cannot lead and live a life that is led by circumstances. Life must be led by purpose.

I think there is need that at some stage you pause and seriously engage with yourself and evaluate your life.

Is it the life you really want to live? Is it your dream life? Are you walking according to your plan or you have allowed circumstances to blow you?

I know that many people have surrendered their lives to fate because of economic situations.

This is not the right way to go.

Personal reflection will help you see yourself, your energies and passions profitably.

You want your life to have meaning and to be more profitable to others.

Beloved, life must be thought out and planned.

I know that many people want the State to plan their lives.

Others want their husbands to plan their lives and others want circumstances to determine their fate.

These days many have their lives planned by their prophets and man of God. I think this kind of attitude is leading to disaster.

Everywhere I go, I see evidence of people who have lost themselves and purpose in the forest of pressure and circumstances.

Many have no zeal anymore to find themselves and they are just becoming anything.

You can never be somebody in life if you allow anything to shape you and lead you where ever.

  • Stop where you are and engage honestly with your inner self.

Ask no one, but yourself: Is this the real me? Am I happy about my life? Is my life going in the right direction?

  • You can sort yourself better than anyone can.

The million-dollar question I need you to ask yourself is: Why do I do what I do?

Honestly, is what you are doing really what you want to do?

There is a danger that you can walk through this life preoccupied with activity rather than destiny.
Your satisfaction is in destiny.

When you find the real stuff you are created to do, things begin to flow and life has meaning and satisfaction.

If you really reflected by now you should have corrected, improved and even dropped some things.

  •  Would you still do that if you honestly answered the question above? Let me poke you a bit. Would you still beat your wife? Would you still waste so much resources on alcohol? Would you still be a criminal? Come on! Somebody needs a thorough reflection here.

You see, we live in a world that is stressed.

We need, therefore, the ability and wisdom to stop at some point and ask ourselves a lot of strategic questions that can help us find the direction that we should take and get rest for our souls.

I said before that many people are preoccupied with activity rather than the main things.

Life has this capacity of preoccupying you with minors just to push you through and if you are unable to reflect and think wisely you begin to shape yourself around an activity that poisons your passions. Life itself becomes a burden if you have no passion for your own life.

Tell me! What is it that drives you right now?

What are you thinking about yourself? Are you driven by speculation or situations? I have heard people say they are what they are because of situations (ngenziwa ngumumo). Guess what, those who make it in life also go through the same situations. Don’t you think so? There is this falsehood in many of us that we will wait for things to be okay and then we will make it.

You will never make it. Things will never be as okay as you want them.

Problems and tribulations in this life will always be there. You are better off rising up and living the life you desire right now in that situation.

Life is about choices. You choose to mourn about the wrongs others are doing against you or you choose to become the best of you in that situation. Make the choice.

My encouragement to you today is that you stop a bit and take stock of your life.

It is not about your situation or your background, it is about what you think about yourself and your plan for your life. Stop, look and ask for a better way.

Pastor Kilton Moyo is the author of the Sex Trap and a guidance and counselling consultant. You can call him or whatsapp on
+263 775 337 207