What is attraction marketing?


THE attraction philosophy is a well-known strategy which has been at play for countless ages, but was used unnoticed. Perhaps many people didn’t bother to do an investigation about this indispensable human survival instinct.

Take a minute and ask yourself the following questions:

  •  What makes a person attractive to others?
  • What makes people flock irrationally to State presidents and celebrities?
  • Why do many people always want to work with successful people in their network marketing companies?

Do these “crowd pullers” have supernatural powers that drive people to “crave” for association with them no matter what? NO!

In my book entitled The Duplicative Sponsoring System (Revised Edition) I noted: “The only attribute that popular figures have is that they are perceived as having a high personal value they can subconsciously or consciously impact to others (followers). Once one has something valuable to offer to the associates or society, you suddenly become an outstanding figure worthy to be followed because people strongly feel that they can benefit from what you offer.”

In view of the above statement, we can conclude that you become attractive or unattractive based on the level of perceived value that your audience attach to you. And the more valuable you are to your audience, the more they seek you and want to associate with you.

So in network marketing and in business in general how do you get people to contact you and to pursue you?

You can become a magnet that attracts people to you when you position yourself as a trusted network marketing expert whose role is to genuinely provide solutions to the problems faced by people in your target market.

When you do so, your prospects/clients will contact you first in order to have access to the solutions you are providing them.

In that regard, you would have assumed the position of a trusted advisor (and not a salesperson) in the eyes of your prospects/clients.

Once you are perceived that way by people in your target market, it automatically means that the walls of resistance to your offers will suddenly melt away, giving you a golden opportunity to literally sell anything to these people because you would have earned the right to do so, through the relationship you have built with them.

To illustrate my point, let’s take a look at the two adverts that were posted by two marketing professionals: Peter and John.

Get a bottle of Aloe Vera juice, only for $20. Buy now!

Three Simple ways to improve your diet REVEALED. Get your FREE report NOW!

The first advert positions Peter as a sales representative who has one agenda — just getting a sale — and people tend to resist sales pitches. The second advert positions John as a health expert whose sole purpose is to provide a solution to the dietary problems faced by people in his target market.

A large number of people are going to read the free report on three suggested ways to improve their diet. Once they have consumed that educational information, a huge number of these people will start calling John asking questions like:
“John, apart from the three simple ways you have suggested to improve our diet, what else do you suggest?”

And such questions will definitely give John an opportunity to recommend Aloe Vera as an additional food supplement with a lot of health benefits for just $20.

I have no doubt that John will receive a lot of orders than he can possibly handle. The relationship which John would have built with his clients through educational marketing will make it easy for him to also back-end them with his business opportunity.

Moreover, he is likely to get a tremendous word of mouth referrals as people pass the free report to their friends.

See how easy it is to convert people into your free advertising agents through educational marketing!

The best way to get attention and make yourself stand out in the marketplace is to take the role of a trusted advisor.

This will make you a rallying point for people seeking your help because they regard you as a “go to guy” whenever they need advice. Some may even want to join your business opportunity simply because of that.

Effective marketing revolves around three basic things:

  •  Marketing a product to people who already have a need to buy it.
  • Positioning yourself as an expert who can satisfy the needs of your customers.
  • Having a marketing system that links you directly with the people who need your solutions.

That’s what the duplicative sponsoring system/the attraction marketing system I created for network marketers can do for you.

However, this system can be used in other business models as well.

Good luck.

 Nqobile Tshuma is a network marketer and a published author of three network marketing books. You can call/Whatsapp him on +263 78 202 8397.