Why l like attraction marketing


MARKETING, as l see it, is the process of meeting people and getting them to like and trust you, so they do business with you and continue to do business with you.

And therefore, attraction marketing is a system or a marketing strategy that entices people/strangers in your target market to contact you first, already interested in what you are selling.

Listed below are the reasons why l have a deep passion for attraction marketing. Enjoy!

You become the hunted instead of being the hunter of prospects (people)
Imagine, having five to 10 people phoning you every day enquiring about your products and business opportunity. It’s unbelievable. This is what happens when you have incorporated the attraction system into your marketing strategy. You simply share some FREE VALUABLE information that solves the problems of people in your target market and as you do so, you will entice those people to CALL YOU FIRST, seeking your advice and solutions to their problems.

  • It reduces rejection
    Through the attraction system people contact you first, already interested in your offers and that alone means you will face little or no resistance when you recommend your products to them. It is important to remember that, they is a huge difference in terms of interest levels between a person whom you have personally found and the one who contacted you first.
  • It creates more time for you to do an effective follow-up
    The attraction marketing system is executed through both online and offline methods, that alone gives you ample time to do the most important activity which is effective follow-up on your prospects/clients. For instance, when you opt into my website it greets you on my behalf and asks you to enter your contact details. And once you have done that, it then welcomes you as a new member of my mailing list. Then every Monday morning my auto responder sends information-rich newsletters on business tips to everyone on my mailing list directly into their inbox.

This happens on an auto pilot, without my direct involvement, thereby giving me enough time to do an effective follow up on my prospects.

Creation of multiple streams of income
The duplicative sponsoring system/the attraction marketing system recommends that you have to share free valuable information with people in your target market which helps you to create a relationship with them.

After consuming your free valuable information, your prospects/clients might want to read more advanced information products like multi-level marketing (MLM) books, etc, of which you may recommend to them at a reasonable price — which works in your favour!

This strategy helps you to generate instant cash to fund your business expenses like travelling and telephone expenditure.

Study how the top earners of the industry run their MLM businesses. They simply target other network marketers and then sell systems, sell seminars and sell courses like books.

And as they do so, they make instant cash to fund their MLM business opportunity expenses and at the same time, the marketing of these items mentioned above help them to position themselves as TRUSTED network marketing EXPERTS. This kind of a “thing” does not happen to an average network marketer unless you make a paradigm shift in the way you view this industry.

It teaches you effective marketing skills
Apart from distributing flyers and attending meetings, I have learnt the effective marketing techniques like the use of video sites such as YouTube and also marketing my business on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to generate leads online.

You easily convert people/strangers into your free advertising agents
Generating leads through sharing of valuable information with people in your target market will make you go from anonymous to an authority practically overnight.

You will find people quoting you in their speeches, publishing your information on their websites and also passing your information to their friends and thereby giving you a huge publicity and free advertising which will help you to generate endless leads for your business.

Final thoughts:

  • Please don’t fool yourself by assuming that the attraction marketing system will do the business for you. This system will help you to generate leads and also link you with the people who are interested in your business opportunity, but you still have to sit down with these people and do a one-on-one business presentation.And it’s not everyone who is able to use the Internet as a marketing tool. So I suggest that you make an offline game plan for those members of your team who are not Internet savvy.

    Personally, I have created a marketing system which can be used both online and offline by my team.

    The traditional approach to network marketing of sitting down with friends and relatives and showing them the plan is still effective. Don’t abandon it.

 Nqobile Tshuma is a network marketer and a published author of three network marketing books. You call/Whatsapp him on +263 78202 8397.