See, think, speak differently


LAST week I spoke to you about changing your attitude towards you because it is a snare to you. You are defeated by your own opinion about you more than other people’s opinions.

I call this the “Self-Opinion Trap”.

Some people are so hard on themselves and so negative about themselves to the extent they cannot move forward with their lives. There is a great need to release yourself and become who you are supposed to be. Let me help you with three things how you can release yourself from this trap.

See things differently

What hinders progress in life is how we see things or perceive things.

How you see things and see yourself in the scheme of those things is important. If you see failure you will get failure. If you see impossibilities you will get impossibilities.

If you see hardships everywhere you will get hardships. We get what we see. This is also a Biblical principle. What you see is what you get. You do not pursue what you can not see. You pursue what you see. Am I right to say that when you see failure you will pursue failure?

Many of us are trapped in this trap of pursuing failed models, things and visions because that is all we can see. How you perceive things will form an attitude in you about whatever it is that you are perceiving.

Myles Munroe says that a lion is a small animal by stature but what makes it king in the bush is its attitude and not strength. When a lion sees an elephant it does not see a huge creature that can stamp on it and crush it like that. It sees lunch. It is this attitude and way of seeing that makes the lion overcome and overpower others. See what you want to see in any situation and you will get it. See things differently from now on.

Think differently

As a man thinks in his heart so is he. We are products of our thoughts. Many of us are trapped in the circle of negative thoughts about us and about others. We think that nothing is good and nothing will work out.

If you think like that, surely nothing will work out for you. Negative thinking hinders you and kills your passion. It steals the desire to dream and makes you unable even to try things. If you do not try anything you will not do anything or accomplish anything.

I have seen many of our people who are doing absolutely nothing about their situations and life because they have become so negative in their thinking. What do you think about Zimbabwe today?

In the same environment, somebody is making it while you are struggling and going down every day. The difference is in both what you see and how you think. In the face of any situation, what do you think about it?

Many think they are cursed, bewitched, unlucky, pursued by evil spirits, have bad luck and all kinds of funny things.

You cannot think like this and hope to succeed in life. To succeed you will have to think against the grain. Think positively about yourself. Think like a winner and you will win. Champions do not think or see themselves losing no matter the size of the opposition. They always think victory and see themselves winning.

Speak differently

The mouth speaks according to the fullness of the heart. What you think is what you verbalise.

What you see, you think about and you speak it. Your words then create according to their kind.

There is a combination between what we see, think and speak. To correct your words, you must correct your thoughts.

To correct your thoughts you have to correct what you see. So if you see failure, you will think failure and eventually speak failure. When you verbalise this failure, it becomes.

Your words are very powerful and creative. That is why you must speak differently. Speak differently about yourself. Speak differently about others and your situations and you will see great change.

Let me emphasis that, my brother and my sister, it is the things we see; think and say that either hinder us or release us to dominion. If you can take care of these and be positive in these, you will see a difference in your life.

You can make that difference in your life right now. It depends on your decision.

Why sit there in that negative cave until you die? You can take yourself out of it now.

I know you are doing like that man by the pool of Bethesda waiting for somebody to come and take you out of that cave but listen you will have to learn to do it yourself.

You are able and you can do it. Change just three things, see, think and speak differently. See you at the top.

Kilton Moyo is the Author of the Sex Trap and a Guidance and Counseling Consultant. Call/Whatsapp: +263 775 337 207.