Hyenas wreak havoc


HYENAS are wreaking havoc at Bona village in Inyathi district’s Ward 21 where they are terrorising villagers and killing livestock.


The hyenas are believed to have escaped from the Hwange National Park where the perimeter fence was vandalised. They roam freely feeding on livestock.

Ward 21 councillor Violet Baloyi said the wild dogs had so far killed more than 80 cattle, goats and donkeys since they started roaming in the community from 2009.

She said a lot of villagers’ livestock had been wounded by the wild dogs.

Although their presence in the community had been reported to the Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (Campfire) and the Bubi Rural District Council (RDC), nothing had been done.

“We reported the case to Campfire authorities, but to no avail. Our livestock has been greatly affected and we do not know what to do now.”

“These animals are dangerous even to human beings, as last year they chased after two boys who ended up seeking refuge up a tree. The authorities should tackle this case seriously because one day we will witness something very tragic.

“We are crying every year, but our cries fall on deaf ears as no one ever bothers to come to our rescue,” Baloyi said.

Bubi RDC chief executive officer Patson Mlilo confirmed that hyenas were a menace in Bona and Goodwood villages.

“They reported the case last year in November and we sent our problem animal controller who assessed the situation and normalised it. This year they haven’t reported,” Mlilo said.

“I urge villagers to phone the Campfire department as soon as they spot hyenas in their area. This will help because hyenas are difficult animals to catch,” he said.

A lot has been reported about hyenas continuously wreaking havoc in rural areas, but authorities have failed to take corrective measures.

Villagers in Jambezi reportedly lost dozens of cattle to lions and hyenas in January last year.

In 2011, hyenas wreaked havoc in Makakavhule, Umzingwane and River Ranch resettlement area where they reportedly killed villagers’ cattle and donkeys in pastures.