Sponsoring versus wrong mindset


NOT knowing the fundamental skills of sponsoring has led many network markers to regard the sponsoring process work of a huge nightmare than a daily or weekly routine-worth enjoying!

Consequently, most network marketers sponsor new reps through trial and error. And taking the trial and error route has led to the downfall of quite a number of MLM (multi-level marketing)professionals.

Remember no one was born a recruiter, but the fact of the matter is:
Sponsoring is a skill that even the newbies can learn. Some people are fast learners and yet some may take a little bit of time to acquire skills that may turn them into sponsoring “machines”. But with the right attitude everyone, regardless of the
background or level of experience could manage to change from being an “MLM failure” to an “MLM success” thereby improving the sponsoring results in their business.

The biggest stumbling block that makes most network marketers fail to sponsor new reps is the wrong mindset they show when interacting with a prospect during the sponsoring process. Before we go any further let’s start by defining the term mindset in the context of sponsoring:

Mindset is simply your “state of mind” (ie what’s going on in your head) when you’re talking to a prospect.

Believe me. When it comes to sponsoring, mindset reigns supreme!

The good news is: It is possible to control your mindset such that you may use it to work for you rather than against you.

A huge number of network marketers usually approach prospects with a “begging mentality”. For instance, you meet your friend John and you want him to join the business opportunity, then you say: “Please John, can you do me a favour by taking a look at this business plan and I sincerely hope you will love it.”

When speaking or writing to a prospect, never mention words like “can you do me favour” or “ I hope you will . . .” because this demonstrate that, you have a “begging mindset”— which is a wrong mindset.

Think about it. Why should they do you a favour?

You see, by what you say and how you say it, your prospects can instantly sense your desperation.

And guess what? No one wants to be sponsored by a desperate person.

So if you adopt a begging mindset wrong mindset when communicating with a prospect, you automatically set yourself up for failure right from the beginning of the sponsoring process.

The right mindset you should have before you even open your mouth and talk to your prospect is to ask yourself the following questions:

  •  Does this person (prospect) qualify for my time?
  •  Does he/she qualify to work with me?

(Never mind about the status quo of the prospect)

Then if your answer is yes, to the above questions, then you may proceed and say:

“Hi John, can I do you a favour and give you access to some information (it could be your business DVD). Take some time this evening, review it carefully, and let’s talk again tomorrow morning.”

Prospects must qualify to work with you because you are doing them a favour through giving them a life-changing business opportunity.

Never in your MLM career, come across desperate. If you do, your prospects will sense it and run!

So the only way to avoid coming across desperate is to stuff lots of prospects into your marketing pipeline, so that there will be no one prospect who seems to be more important than others.

In other words, I’m saying you have to develop an effective marketing system that will attract an endless number of leads to you such that you will end up interviewing these prospects to ascertain who the best prospects who deserve to work with you are!