Zanu PF divisions laid bare


The infighting in Zanu PF was brought to the fore yesterday at a Matabeleland North provincial co-ordinating committee (PCC) meeting in Lupane where Small and Medium Enterprises Development minister Sithembiso Nyoni was on the firing line.


Losing Nkayi South National Assembly elections candidate Stars Mathe, in apparent reference to Nyoni said a Zanu PF politburo member from Nkayi North had been carrying out programmes in the constituency without consultation.

“In our last meeting the chairman (Richard Moyo) emphasised on the need for unity, but there is so much division in Nkayi,” Mathe, who is also the provincial treasurer said.

“From nowhere we heard that there were vehicles coming from Nkayi North conducting women’s empowerment programmes without our knowledge.

“The teams, some who are sitting in this august house and the vehicles, were sent to 16 wards but it is unfortunate that the programme was not communicated to anyone.”

Mathe said she contacted Richard Moyo and the women’s league boss Medeline Bhebhe who both professed ignorance of the programme.

The former Cowdray Park councillor said they were told that the programme was funded from Nkayi North.

“President (Robert) Mugabe said in an interview before his birthday that elders should let the provinces run party programmes, but we have elders who fund programmes and vehicles unknown to the party because they wear the jacket of being a politburo member,” Mathe said.

Zanu PF provincial secretary for administration Clifford Sibanda asked Mathe to name the party official, but politburo member Sithokozile Mathuthu blocked the move.

She argued that name-calling would cause problems for the party.

Mathuthu said there were platforms outside the PCC to handle the matter.

Moyo said he had heard about the issue and tasked Bhebhe to handle it.

He urged party members to be united when carrying out Zanu PF programmes.

“We want to win the seats that are being held by MDC-T, but if you divide people then we do not know,” he said.

“Speak to the leadership of the party, we are one Zanu PF. There is no Zanu PF-T or Zanu PF-M like in other parties.

“Next time we will be forced to mention names. If you divide people we will mention you so that the whole world knows.”

Sibanda said he had thought that the women’s league had solved the issue amicably.

However, Bhebhe apologised for not addressing the issue on time saying she had been tied up with family matters.

“We were meant to set a dáte, but I had to travel to Plumtree because my mother is not feeling well,” she said.

“We wanted time because of the pain. We are still bleeding because this province is being divided by gossip and other things.”

At recent party to celebrate her victory in last year’s elections where Zanu PF national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo was guest of honour, Nyoni said she was engaged in empowerment programmes for women in the district.


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