Man survives second leopard attack


JOHANNESBURG — A 29-year-old Zimbabwean man who was attacked by a leopard at Bennde Mutale village near the Kruger National Park in Limpopo is recovering well at Donald Frazer Hospital.

Tenius Chibayi and a friend were looking for goats when they were confronted by a leopard. He suffered injuries to the head and hands.

Chibayi says that it is not the first time he had been attacked by a leopard. Two years ago he fought and killed one with a panga.

“I’m not afraid anymore, that time I managed to kill it because we found it feeding from some carcasses. When it’s feeding, it becomes less aggressive. It was first spotted by my dog which ran away. It then came straight to me trying to attack me and I realised I should just fight it. I stabbed it with my panga once and it died.”

Meanwhile, residents said that game rangers from the Kruger National Park and the Department of Environmental Affairs had been informed of the incident.

They added that for years they had been complaining about wild animals escaping from the park.