Woman appeals for help

Lungile Mpunzi

TWENTY-NINE-YEAR-OLD who developed a tumour after having a tooth removed is appealing for $800 to pay for an operation.

Thandiwe Moyo
Own Correspondent

The tumour is growing on the right side of her jaw.

“After I had had my tooth removed in 2008, it remained swollen for a while.

“Last year it became very painful and I had an operation in Harare where they just opened it up and cleaned out the puss,” she said. “They told me if it continued growing I should return and have another operation.”

Mpunzi said she has been in pain since the operation and that when she chews the pain worsens.

“I am appealing to anyone who is willing to assist to help me with $800 so that I get another operation. It is painful when I chew and even when I am speaking,” she said.

Those willing to assist could contact her on 0713 155 761 or deposit the money at her sister Placedes Sitsha’s POSB account 203670000263.