How did Munyati get zero?


NIGEL Munyati wrote his own piece of history — albeit in the wrong manner — when he polled zero votes in the recent Zifa presidential election in Harare last Saturday from the 58 votes that were cast on the day.


In 2010, Leslie Gwindi was better off with one and improved to 10 last weekend.

Munyati, the Aces Youth Soccer Academy director, could have been his own worst enemy as his manifesto focused on the problems in local football over the last four years, which he spent as board member marketing.

It should be noted that at one stage, Regis Dzenga was a member of the Zifa board, but when he noted that things were not going in the direction of football development, he simply quit. But Munyati stayed in for four years and instead of pausing to take part of the blame, he placed it on others.

The first signs that Munyati was moving in the wrong direction was when he stated that Zifa must get a share of the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League — SuperSport television rights earnings.

The league had made a major breakthrough — after two years of negotiations — and even when the deal was done, the clubs were still saying the rewards were little. Munyati wanted a share of that little. He lost 16 votes there.

“I am a board member of Zifa and what I can tell you about the president is that he has never set foot at the Zifa offices, despite being its chief. It’s shocking really, but that’s the truth,” Munyati said during one of his campaigns in Bulawayo.


  1. Two points: 1.Quiting as done by Dzenga is a sign of spineless ness.2. You contradict self in your story,if Gwindi once got 1 vote last time and now got 10 using your logic Munyati is capable of getting 9 votes next time.It depens on what he does between now and the next election,the mere fact of participation is a good sign.

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