BCC admits incapacity to supply water


THE Bulawayo City council has admitted that it has no capacity to pump running water to all suburbs resulting in some areas not having water despite supply dams being 78% full.


Some councillors raised concern at yesterday’s full council meeting at the City Hall about continued penalties imposed on residents for exceeding set water limits and that some suburbs were still experiencing water problems even though supply dams are almost full.

Councillor Ernest Rafamoyo said areas such as Nkulumane and Pumula South went for a maximum of 30 minutes without water every day.

Rafamoyo said more than 200 households were severely affected by the council’s pumping incapacity.

The chairperson of the future water supplies and water action committee, Gideon Mangena, confirmed that council was facing capacity constraints.

“Areas such as Lobengula, Pumula South and Nkulumane are experiencing water problems. That has been brought to the committee’s attention. It’s not new,” said Mangena.

“We proposed setting up a reservoir in Rangemore to cater for areas close by but finance is always a challenge. Our current system is no longer able to cover every suburb,” said Mangena.

However, residents of Emganwini, Nketa and Old Pumula endured frequent water cuts since Sunday.

Council suspended water shedding at the beginning of this year after water inflows into the city’s supply dams improved following heavy rains that lashed most parts of the country.