Sexual crisis: How can we tackle this?


LAST week I spoke about the crisis in our sexual conduct as a people, not only in Zimbabwe, but Africa at large.

Most of the people who spoke to me wanted to find out how we could tackle this crisis as a country.

I would suggest, therefore, a few things.

In case you are in denial as is the nature of humanity these days; did you hear the blood-chilling revelation that about 98 000 abortion cases were reported in 2013 alone in this country?

About 80% of these were by girls under 18 years old. In fact, they tell us that one of these girls aborted three times in six months.

This alone shows you we have a crisis at our door steps and we need to act wisely lest we are all choked.

  • We need to tackle the issue of our sexual conduct. We are now trapped by this recklessness in the manner we think and do sex.

It is like this generation is the first one to know sex and we have lost all control systems as our sexual passions go heywire.

What amazes me is the audacity of this generation to legalise wrong sexual actions and want to make them “rights” and normal. Sin can never be normal and right. See how we want to beautify and glorify our failures and even abuse God’s word in justifying wrong.

Prostitution, we have called it “commercial sex work” and homosexuality and lesbianism, we have called these “human rights”.

Adultery and fornication have been embraced in the name of tradition and we choose to see them normal and part of our lifestyle.

When our conscience is this cold, towards wrong, then we are in trouble. Nowadays, we use religion to justify our failure and corrupted sexual conduct.

I think we need to deliberately talk sex and teach on this at every level of human growth.

Sexual education needs to be prioritised in all sectors of human involvement. Teach this in sports, politics, mining, agriculture, church, school, colleges, universities and all other places. We must be deliberate.

  •  The church has to take up its position and talk sex from the Word of God point of view. Create an awareness conscience in people and the young in particular. I think if we are true to ourselves, we want to live a better life in this world; we must always be aware and conscious of the “wages of sin”.

Nowadays, human rights movements, driven by a spirit of humanism and a misplacement of grace, are on a rampage trying to tear down God statutes that protect human life and trying to convince the world it is right to sin as long as it is a human right. Beloved, never be fooled.

There is the wages of sin, legalised or not. I think we must never lose sight of this as a society, that we can do what we think is right but as long as it is against the word and will of God, it is sin and the end is death to whoever does it.

Human rights as portrayed now are a tool of deception and the church and governments in Africa need to speak against these no matter what.

  •  This crisis is also influenced by serious lack of self respect. Any one self–respecting would not indulge in sexual activity the way we do.

Many people do not value themselves and would therefore sleep with anything for anything.

If you really value yourself, you will not even give in to the demands and lies of your situation and sell your body.

Your body is the most valuable “resource” you have in this life and you cannot expose it to danger the way you do.

It is not pleasure sleeping around, beloved. It is foolishness in actual fact.

Such lack of self-value and self- control cannot be defined as pleasure and as “my right”.

Stop a minute where you are and try and understand yourself. You need that body all the way and exposing it to that kind of terror and torture is working against you.

Respect yourself and respect your body.

Give value to your life and you will enjoy life. I think as a community we need to teach self-worth and self-value and respect to our children right from pre-school.

This becomes a foundation upon which they can build their lives. We need also to teach them the power of the simplest and safest word “no”.

When in life do you say no and when do you say yes particularly in sexual issues? These things, I believe can be taught and lived and we shall escape the lie from the devil.

We can win this one if all of us as a people put our minds in it and desire in our hearts to protect this generation and the generations to come.

I can safely tell you that we have our victory in our faith in Christ Jesus.

Long live Zimbabwe!

  • Kilton Moyo is the author of the Sex Trap, pastor and guidance&counselling consultant. Call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207 or +263 712 384 841.