MDC-T spin doctor turns to music to save Tsvangirai

“The national council will sit following the new developments and the action to take in this case will be known after the national council has decided,'' MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora

MDC-T national spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora and activist Patrick Murimoga have recorded a music album praising party leader Morgan Tsvangirai and urging supporters to rally behind him.


The five-track album titled Tsika Mutanda was released against the backdrop of intense infighting following calls for Tsvangirai to step aside.

Senior party officials, among them, deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma and some provincial chairpersons have been suspended for supporting leadership renewal and not publicly declaring their allegiance to Tsvangirai.

Mwonzora and Murimoga’s album praises Tsvangirai whom they sing of as the only leader capable of toppling President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.

“One of the songs says this struggle must have discipline and it must have a leader and not many leaders. The leader of this struggle is Tsvangirai.

“The other song warns party members to be wary of those using money to destabilise the party,” said Mwonzora, who was in Bulawayo to finalise the recording of the album on Saturday.

Songs on the album recorded at a private studio in the city include Nomakanjani, Musatengesa Musangano, Tsvangirai Mutungamiri, Tsika Mutanda and an instrumental.

The song Nomakanjani pledges undying support for Tsvangirai while Musatengesa Musangano and Tsvangirai Mutungamiri urges party supporters not to sell out by supporting moves to topple Tsvangirai.

The song Tsika Mutanda blames Zanu PF for all socioeconomic ills bedevilling Zimbabwe.

MDC-T officials have been falling over each other to pledge their undying support for Tsvangirai and some have even gone to the extent of describing him as a king and the Biblical Moses who led the Israelites from slavery in Egypt to the promised land of Canaan.

Mwonzora joins the likes of the late Zanu PF commissar Elliot Manyika who also released an album pledging support for Mugabe and
Zanu PF.