Tsvangirai dares MDC-T faction


UNDERFIRE MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday dared officials linked to suspended deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma to go ahead and form their own party.


Addressing a rally attended by about 4 000 supporters at Mkoba Stadium in Gweru, Tsvangirai said it was surprising that the officials pushing for leadership renewal wanted to lecture him on MDC-T values yet some of them had no clue about the party’s history.

“Some say we want to go back to the values of the party; what values do you refer to when you do not even know where this party came from?” he charged.

“If you want to form your own party, go ahead and do so.”

The officials calling themselves the MDC-Team have been going around the country addressing parallel rallies accusing Tsvangiral of dictatorial tendencies.

On Saturday they hinted that they might form a coalition to challenge both Zanu PF and MDC-T.

The MDC-Team faction spokesperson and Mangoma’s lawyer Jacob Mafume accused Tsvangirai of departing from the party’s core values.

Mangoma and secretary-general Tendai Biti, who are believed to be the brains behind the MDC-Team faction, did not attend the Mkoba rally.

Other senior officials who were conspicuous by their absence were youth leaders Promise Mkwananzi, Solomon Madzore and former organising secretary Elias Mudzuri.

Tsvangirai told his supporters that he had no intentions of clinging to power as per the rebels’ accusations.

“I don’t privatise the party. I am merely a leader of the people,” he said.

The former prime minister said those bent on destroying the MDC-T were promoting the interests of Zanu PF and urged party members not to lose focus over internal squabbles as they were trivial compared to the bigger national crisis.

Speaking at the same rally, MDC-T chairperson Lovemore Moyo described those behind the MDC-Team faction as sellouts who will never be allowed back into the party structures.

“MDC-T is the only hope for the country. If someone plans to destroy the party that person will not be forgiven,” he said.

“It’s betrayal of the highest order. This is an experience. We don’t want such people back for they would betray us again. We don’t want sellouts.”

MDC-T women’s assembly chairperson Theresa Makone said those calling for leadership renewal had no guts to face President Robert

“A full grown up person stands up and says Zanu PF won the election because of bhora mugedhi (the ruling party’s 2013 election slogan).

“No one in the renewal team has the guts to face Mugabe,” she said.

In the past Tsvangirai had insisted that no one would be pushed out of MDC-T, but he will seek to rally all opposition politicians behind his bid to topple Zanu PF in the 2018 elections.


  1. Mangoma and his hangers on are just day dreaming. Tsvangirai must stop seeking to unite with these guys. The MDC party will be stronger without them than with them. Remember in 2005 Welshman Ncube MDC party went on to form his party. This was after another stolen election and ZANU PF had wanted to reward most of their loyalists who had been left without any means of survival by creating the senate for them. Everyone knew that the creation of the senate was not the solution to the country”s crisis then. Some of us were surprised when Ncube went on to support the ZANU stance. They went on to form what became known as the Pro Senate MDC. The project failed dismally but it took 8 years for it to to fail. All that time ZANU PF was being given a life line. They now know that they have not raised anyone from within their ranks who can clearly defeat Tsvangirai come 2018 because even their best trump card Robert Mugabe has had to rig elections to beat him. Mugabe will most likely not contest 2018 so the best option is to sponsor internal fights within the MDC so that Tsvangirai gets replaced by a weaker leader who will be easy meat for any of the ZANU faction which will take over from Mugabe in 2018. A lot of money has been invested here and i would not be surprised if the $3million that was use to try and retire Tsvangirai came from ZANU PF. They want to get rid of Tsvangirai at all costs for their own survival. If the internal struggles in the MDC fail to dislodge Tsvangirai, i forsee an attempt at his life.

    If Tsvangirai goes Zimbabeans will be the biggest losers. Iam not saying he is the Messiah. All i am saying is that it is not yet his time to go if Zimbabwe is to benefit. ZANU PF is the biggest liability to the progress of this nation and all efforts must be channelled at getting rid of them and not Tsvangirai. Mangoma and Biti also know it and because of money that they have recieved they are choosing to ignore it. Lets meet in 2018 then.

  2. I strongly agree with Mkhululi wabaya gudo nemukanwa Mangoma is a suspect kana Biti adyira it means kuti Zimbabwe was saved july 31 otherwise hapana kwataienda with such kind of leaders,ini my concern is why Mangoma arikutadza kumirira congress if he thinks kuti he has what it takes to lead then he should just sell his ideas to the people then ohwina than to play in the hands dzeZanu like this i am convinced kuti if its not power hungry then he is an agent we some ant people sect and the powers behind are going to be revealed sooner than later .He has demonstrated beyond doubt that he is ant people and where ever he got schooled he must go back .

  3. we are all behind our president [Ritchard Morgan Ttsvangirai}, kwete vanatsuro ava vanoti tinodawo kutonga. To tell the truth – kuti MDC-T ndokuti Tsvangirai. Mangomwa former yako kana uchida.

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