Intruder at State House


A MATSHOBANA man who attempted to gain access into the State House in Bulawayo by force yesterday stunned the court when he revealed that his unidentified Pakistani “boss” had sent him to find a gun.


Clever Mombeshora (34), who is originally from Beitbridge, appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Sibongile Msipa facing a charge of failing to comply with directions regulating movements and conduct as given by authorised officers.

Msipa grilled Mombeshora over why he disobeyed police officers at State House after they ordered him not to enter the protected area.

“What were you going to do at State House,” asked Msipa.

“I was sent by my superior to get a gun. He said he wanted a gun and I must bring it to him,” said Mombeshora.

“Who is your boss and where is he?” Msipa asked.

“He is a Pakistani boss and I know he is here in Bulawayo, but I don’t know where he actually stays,” said Mombeshora, drawing laughter from the gallery.

Mombeshora said his Pakistani boss did not actually send him to State House, but had only ordered him to get a gun, promising to pay him if he brought one.

“Are you normal because I don’t understand that you can promise your Pakistani boss you don’t know where he lives a gun which you don’t even have?

“The officers told you (that you) must not go into the premises, but you didn’t listen,” said Msipa.

“Yes, I am normal. The reason was that I wanted money and I intended to snatch it from there.

“I had promised that I would get the gun from wherever I would have managed and I was going to make a plan on how to get it,” Mombeshora said.

He said he was from Beitbridge and had only visited his mother who stays in Matshobana.

“What do you do for a living?” Msipa asked him.

“I smuggle people from Zimbabwe to South Africa via the Limpopo River,” he responded, triggering roars of laughter from the gallery.
“They find me in Beitbridge and I assist them to cross the Limpopo,” he said.

Msipa retorted: “I don’t think you are all right. You have to be examined by a doctor because what you are saying is strange.

“You are remanded in custody to April 22. Please prison officers be careful otherwise he will snatch the guns from you and give his Pakistani boss.”

The State led by Caroline Matanga alleged that on April 6, Mombeshora went to the State House gate intending to enter and two police constables ordered him to leave as it is a prohibited and protected place.

Mombeshora allegedly ignored their orders and proceeded towards the State House and the cops arrested him for refusing to comply with directions for regulating movements and conduct.

President Robert Mugabe rarely stays at the Bulawayo State House in Saurcetown.

There have been reports of people who were brutalised by State agents guarding the premises after straying into the premises.


  1. “Are you normal because I don’t understand that you
    can promise your Pakistani boss you don’t know
    where he lives a gun which you don’t even have?

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