Masvingo’s gospel musician drops Kunamata Kungwara


MASVINGO gospel musician, Phanos Matura, has released a debut six-track album titled Kunamata Kungwara.

Tatenda Chitagu
Own Correspondent

Matura, who is not new to the showbiz scene, has been in the trenches since 2008 after he formed his own band, Prosperity Family, but could not release an album due to lack of funds.

The album — with a strong instrumental presence — was produced at Unique Studios.

Briefing journalists at the album launch this week, Matura said he was prepared to withstand the cutthroat competition in the industry.

“This is my first album and I know there is strong competition, so I will have to wait and see how the market will respond. That will help me improve as I will release more albums until I break even. I also have the backing of a live band so it is a plus to me,” he said.

The six songs in the album are, Takarima Zvakawanda (cover song), Huyai Tinamate, Mwari Samasimba, Makatisika Baba, Keep on Praying and Toonana.

In the song Takarima Zvakawanda he bemoans the lack of rewards for hard work because people do not seek God’s divine intervention. He urges Christians to seek God’s guidance in whatever they are doing.

In Huyai Tinamate, he urges Zimbabweans to bring themselves before God because society has lost its moral fabric, while Mwari Makasimba talks of the great power of God which can change things.

In Keep on Praying, he urges Christians not to give up even if their prayers are not heard.

Matura, who is involved in the hospitality industry said he always had a passion for music although he now has a different profession.

“I always had a passion for music, even though I do other things. So by releasing this album, I believe my dream has finally come true.

“I also believe in the power of music to reach out to many people,” he said.