Sex ‘mad’ bus drivers irk Makokoba residents


MAKOKOBA residents have threatened to “deal” with bus drivers that rank outside Renkini bus terminus accusing them of indulging in sexual activities with young girls from the suburb in return for money.


Residents accused drivers from four well known transporters plying the Bulawayo-Harare route of abusing young girls from Bulawayo’s oldest suburb.

A resident Busani Nkomo said they had resolved to deal with drivers preying on the vulnerability of young girls as they had witnessed them summoning the teenage girls into their buses at around 7pm on a daily basis.

“We have since resolved to take action ourselves and we really do not care what will be the result of our actions because we cannot watch our young sisters falling victim to these elderly men who will just use them and leave them,” he said.

“On a daily basis around 7pm, the drivers park their buses outside the rank and call young girls that will be passing by into their buses and the girls go for hours in the bus only to come out carrying money.”

Nkomo said the latest incident they witnessed was last Friday evening when a bus driver popularly known as Madzibaba was seen making a call before a young girl from the neighbourhood was spotted running into the bus a few minutes later. Another resident Mandla Tshuma said a lot of used condoms and empty family planning pills packets have been found strewn on the ground the buses parked at every morning.

“The parking site is now characterised by used condoms and empty family planning pills packets and this is very disturbing because what this means to us is that at times the drivers indulge in unprotected sex exposing our young sisters to HIV and Aids,” he said.

Nkululeko Mkandla said the site and buses had been turned into brothels and the city council together with the police must act fast before more teenage girls in Makokoba fell victim.

An elderly resident of the suburb, Margareta Nleya, said the immoral actions were a cause for concern and the community felt disrespected.

Makokoba ward councillor James Sithole said he was not in a position to talk to the media in relation to the allegations.