Two crocodiles attack man


THOHOYANDOU — A NIGHT out drinking with friends nearly ended in tragedy for one of the friends when he was attacked by two crocodiles.


Julius Chamauya (26), originally from Chiredzi and now residing at Muledane outside Thohoyandou, was out drinking with friends in the village on Friday afternoon.

Information at Limpopo Mirror’s disposal is that the friends drank until late and the others left while Chamauya remained at the popular drinking spot.

How he left is not known, but it is believed that he left the drinking spot at about 10pm.

Chamauya was only found the following day in his hut, not far from the spot where the Dzindi and Tshidumbi rivers meet.

He was badly hurt and found by cattle herders, who had followed blood trails that led to the hut.

Limpopo Mirror paid Chimayo a visit at Tshilidzini, where he is recuperating from serious injuries. When we arrived, Chamauya’s wounds were being dressed.

“I cannot remember much of what happened as I was intoxicated. One thing I still remember is that when I arrived at the river two crocodiles attacked me like a pack of wild dogs,” he said.

He said he fought for his life, but the crocodiles managed to gnaw some chunks of flesh from his right leg. He has scars all over his body which show how fierce the fight was.

“I will never forget the experience, but how I gained the power to fight the two monsters I cannot even tell. God really saved me, and I will forever be grateful to Him for having mercy on me,” he said.

— Zounet