Victoria Falls woman in court for scalding hubby


A 39-YEAR-OLD Chinotimba woman yesterday appeared in the Victoria Falls Magistrates’ Court facing allegations of scalding her husband with boiling water on the head and face.


Nyepu Tendai Gamanga pleaded guilty to physical abuse when she appeared before Victoria Falls resident magistrate Sharon Rosemani.

For the State, Onious Nyathi told the court that on May 8 at around 10pm, Gamanga visited her husband Sam Sibanda in the same suburb and told him that she was hungry and wanted some tea.

When the water boiled, Gamanga emptied it on Sibanda’s head resulting in him suffering head, face, chest and arm burns.

However, Gamanga denied the allegations and told the court that it was, in fact, Sibanda who had boiled water with the intention of scalding her on accusations of dating another man.

“He first accused me of dating another man then he boiled water and I saw him lifting up the pot coming towards where I was standing in the kitchen. I sensed the water was meant to burn me and I pushed the door to protect myself. He fell with the pot and got burnt all over his head and face running down to his chest,” Gamanga said.

However, Sibanda said his wife intentionally scalded him as she had recently stabbed him in the stomach.

“She is not telling the truth your worship; she always threatens to kill me. Recently she stabbed me with a knife in my stomach and I did not report as she quickly apologised and now she burnt me with boiling water. That is the reason we no longer stay together because she is a threat to me,” Sibanda said.

Gamanga was given bail of $100 on condition she resides at the same address and that she does not interfere with the complainant.
The trial continues on May 29.