We didn’t bar students: Nust

National University of Science and Technology

THE National University of Science and Technology (Nust) yesterday dismissed reports that it had barred 1 300 students from sitting for examinations due to non-payment of tuition fees.


Nust director of information and publicity, Felix Moyo, said by Friday last week less than 10 students had been barred from writing exams.

“Nine students were eventually cleared to write exams. Only two were barred because their balance was large and had not paid
anything for more than two semesters.

“They did not have a payment plan and were not on cadetship,” he said.

Moyo said some students with large balances were allowed to sit for the examinations after they brought their parents to talk to the bursar.

He said those students who brought recently-issued death certificates of their parents as well as those with letters from sponsors undertaking to pay the outstanding fees were also cleared.

“I don’t know how two students can translate to 1 300. We are told that from two fish and five loaves of bread Jesus performed a miracle to feed multitudes of people.

“I don’t think anyone has the miracle to multiply two students to 1 300,” he added.

“If anyone wants to prove that, the records are available. We have a register which shows how many candidates are expected to write an examination and they also sign slips.

“We then reconcile the number of expected students and the slips they sign on and at no time did we have more than three not sitting.”

Moyo said depending on the courses being examined, the institution’s hall could be either filled to capacity or have a few students.

“If you come where two or three papers are being examined, you may find up to 50 students, but that does not mean others have been barred,” he Said.

“It is important that before writing stories, people contact me so that I can verify information. I am always available,” Moyo said.