Woman ‘imprisons’ hubby

Amon Mumpande and wife Abigail Nyoni

A 38-YEAR-OLD Victoria Falls man spent four days locked up in a one-roomed house without food or water by his alleged abusive wife about a fortnight ago.

Amon Mumpande and wife Abigail Nyoni
Amon Mumpande and wife Abigail Nyoni


Hwange Rural District Council deputy chairperson Matthew Muleya told Southern Eye how he helped rescue Amon Mumpande from the Mkhosana high-density house where he was locked up by his wife Abigail Nyoni (28).

“I was alerted by the Victoria Falls provincial member Guliana Muswe that there was a man in Mkhosana who was locked up by his wife in a one secluded room for nearly a week,” he said.

“We went to visit the house on a Wednesday with one police officer and on arrival we found a five-year-old infant seated on the doorstep of the room which was locked with a chain and a padlock from outside.

“We asked him about the whereabouts of his parents and he revealed to us that his mother was watering the garden behind the house and his father was in the locked up room.”

He said they asked Nyoni to open the room as they wanted to see Mumpande and when she did they took the husband to the police station for counselling.

During the counselling session, Muleya said Mumpande revealed that his wife started abusing him in 2009 and that she had attempted to hang him a few weeks before locking him up in the house.

Mumpande told his counsellors that Nyoni took a rope and hanged him from the rafters of the room and only survived after she later placed a chair for him to stand on and untie the rope.

Mumpande said he had gone for days without food or water and had no access to the toilet.

Muleya said there was human excrement and pungent urine odour in the room Mumpande had been locked up in.

Nyoni told the police that her husband was not supportive and unemployed, and instead depended on her and that eventually got to her

Muleya and the police advised the couple to take the infant to their rural home in Binga before they could be further counselled, but Nyoni yesterday disappeared with the child and the husband is clueless as to where she could have gone.