Mudede should retract statements


REGISTRAR-GENERAL (RG) Tobaiwa Mudede has said a lot of weird things in the past, but his alleged claim that contraceptives are some sort of a conspiracy by the West should worry those that have kept him in office beyond his sell-by date.

Mudede was quoted in the State media telling a church in Harare that contraceptives interfered “with the natural process created by God.”

He was quoted telling the Family of God Church in Harare that contraceptives were a ploy by the West to keep Africa weak and poor.

Mudede went on to give a lot of unscientific advice in his argument that contraceptives are not good for the country.

He said contraceptives interfered with God’s plan to have women’s bodies cleanse themselves naturally through menstruation.

Since the controversial claims have been splashed in national media, it is likely that some gullible people would buy his argument.

It is unfortunate that Mudede made these ludicrous claims at a time Zimbabwe is battling an Aids pandemic that has left thousands of children orphaned.

Households have lost breadwinners at an alarming rate and a lot of resources have been deployed to fight the scourge.

At the heart of the fight against Aids has been the message about behaviour change where Zimbabweans who cannot abstain from sex or stick to one partner are being encouraged to use condoms.

That kind of messaging is not likely to change until maybe a cure for Aids is found.

Responsible Zimbabweans should be encouraged to simply ignore Mudede’s hallucinations and get on with their lives.

Mudede’s principals should force him to retract these statements that would severely damage the national response to HIV and Aids.

He should also be told to keep such toxic ideas to himself in future as long as he is the country’s RG.

The church leaders who gave him the platform to give this bizzare sermon should take the responsibility to undo the damage.

Family of God Church leaders have a duty to distance themselves from such utterances.