Reggae outfit releases album


AN UPCOMING Bulawayo reggae outfit, Mhondoro Mystyx, has defied the odds by releasing an 11-track debut album titled Burn Babylaan.

Own Correspondent

The three-member Mhondoro group comprising Tembo Moyo, Davison Musendo and Chipo Mpundu has the potential to ride the waves in the music industry as they have already made a mark in some of the city’s leisure spots.

Moyo, aka Red Dawn Motseaga-Chirenje, a member of the group told Southern Eye Lifestyle that the album Burn Babylaan is about giving praises to God and thanking him for the spirit of life.

“In this album, different types of events share a lot of spiritual things and we give thanks and praises everyday thanking God for the spirit of life, it’s all about Jah. This album has some different styles and in each of them, we do not sound like anyone. It’s unique,” he said.

Some of the tracks include How Many Times, I Give Strength, Burn Babylaan and Father Jah.

How Many Times talks of what happens in the present life.

“This is a Pan-African song based on a Bantu philosophy. Burn Babylaan talks about burning evil spirits,” added Musendo.
Mhondoro refers to the strength of a nation.

The outfit has started distributing its music in every corner of Bulawayo and has managed to get a massive response.

“A lot of people like our music and we are on a journey. A lot of things are yet to be seen and witnessed. We have worked with Centre Party, Josh, George and many other artistes. Our music also includes poetry and chanting,” Musendo added.