Kombayi denies fraud allegations

Gweru mayor Hamutendi Kombayi

GWERU mayor Hamutendi Kombayi has denied allegations that he fraudulently allocated himself $15 000 travelling allowances in April claiming the accusations were being peddled by his detractors.


Last Friday, council passed a resolution stripping the mayor of signing powers to subsistence and travelling allowances for councillors.

However, Kombayi yesterday denied the resolution had anything to do with any scam “alleged or real” in which he is claimed to be involved in.

“It’s quite malicious that I fraudulently allocated myself allowances. This is the work of the enemy determined to see the downfall of Kombayi,” he said.

But council sources told Southern Eye that a war among councillors had erupted at Town House with some supporting Kombayi and others against him.

A source said some councillors felt Kombayi was favouring his close associates by granting them trips so they could benefit from allowances.

“There is war among councillors with some siding with the mayor while others are plotting his downfall,” the source said.

Kombayi denied any favouritism saying he was a “just and democratic” leader whose main objective at council was to see Gweru develop.

“I have a legacy to carry and that legacy is to see that the City of Progress shines above other cities. Whether people caucus and plot that the mayor should sign for allowances is neither here nor there,” Kombayi said.