Teardream Boiz defy odds


NEW Lobengula-based upcoming hip-hop group Teardream Boiz has vowed to take the hip-hop industry by storm by creating home-grown vibes instead of mimicking Western artistes and their foreign lyrics.


Teardream-boizThe three-member group, comprising Bret Ngwenya (18), Prince Chimako (19) and Brandon Sibanda (17) has the potential to ride the waves in music industry as they have already made a mark in the city.

However, Teardream Boiz member Bret Ngwenya, aka Bret Rammz, said their music is set to quench the thirst of the city of Bulawayo.

“We want hip-hop music industry in Bulawayo to grow and be recognised just like in Harare and other cities. We sing our music in Ndebele, English and Shona,” he said.

He added the group was established in 2012 and last year they managed to record a track Sangena and a mixtape Ziyawa which is a six-track album. The tracks include Dragon on the floor, Msindo, Zinja Remix, Getting Paid, Sangena and Ziyawa.

“The tracks were recorded at Face the Music and were produced by DJ Face,” he added.

Bret Rammz said this year they managed to record two singles Bhekela Phansi and Game on Fire and the track is making waves in ZiFm’s Bulawayo Top 10 Charts.

“Our track Bhekela phansi is making waves in ZiFM Bulawayo Top 10 Chart and we have managed to come second which is a great achievement to us,” he said.

“Bhekela Phansi is a message to the people that look down upon us and we are saying they will never take us down and we will never go down because of them. I am encouraging them to take a wide look as we make it to the top,” he added.

He said the city was sick and tired of dancehall and other types of music, describing some beats as mostly bubblegum type of music.

“We want to lift the Bulawayo flag high and create good music for the people of the city,” he said.

In addition, he said the people of Bulawayo should support their local music. Prince Chimako said the group was going to Harare and they will be having a live interview on ZBC/TV under (YGT) Zim Hip-hop Report.

“We will fly the flag high as we will be representing our motherland and we will show them what we are capable of. We will also perform one of our tracks in Harare and we will be live on ZBC,” he said.