Byo water, wastewater master plan


Scope of project
As part of the twinning arrangement between EThekwini Municipality (i.e City of Durban) and the City of Bulawayo (CoB), Ethekwini Water and Sanitation (EWS) officials visited Bulawayo at the end of 2009 to assess the status of water and wastewater systems.

The findings were as follows:

  •   The original water and wastewater infrastructure was well planned and constructed,
  • The water and wastewater infrastructure had deteriorated and was in dire need of rehabilitation and upgrading,
  • Operations and maintenance resources were not coping under the circumstances,
  • Institutional and cost recovery for water and wastewater services needed to be improved urgently and concurrently with the infrastructure remedies.

Through cooperation with Bosch Stemele the two cities identified the need for a Water and Wastewater master plan.

Funding was sought from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in South Africa, to undertake a water and wastewater master planning study for the City of Bulawayo. DTI approved funding of 55% of the costs for the study with the remaining 45% being counter funded by CoB.

Bosch Stemele were appointed to undertake the Water and Wastewater Master Plan study, and the professional services agreement between CoB and Bosch Stemele (Pty) Ltd was signed in January 2011.

Bosch Stemele entered into an agreement with Inter-Africa Consulting (Bulawayo), as a Sub-consultant for the Master Plan study, in June 2011.

In August 2011, the brief was extended to include the compilation of a Water Demand Management Business Plan, counter-funded by the Swedish International Development Corporation Agency (Sida) through the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA).

Project objectives
The master plan proposes strategies at three levels:

  •   An immediate action plan aimed at interventions to be implemented by CoB immediately in the very short term, in order to remedy priority problem areas.
  • A short-term action plan for improving water and wastewater services in Bulawayo within a five year horizon
  • A medium to long term plan with a 20-year horizon, aimed at creating and delivering viable and sustainable water and wastewater services in Bulawayo.

The master plan includes planning for rehabilitation, renewal and upgrading of water and wastewater infrastructure, including associated operational and maintenance requirements as well as institutional aspects linked to cost recovery.

The key stakeholders presently associated with City of Bulawayo are World Vision in conjunction with the Australian Government Aid Programme (AusAid) and the Water and Sanitation Department of the City of Durban (EWS).


— Council