Gweru in salaries arrears


THE Gweru City Council is yet to pay its workers April salaries.


Town clerk Daniel Matawu said workers would be paid by Friday according to their grades.

Matawu, however, said there was nothing unusual about being a month behind in meeting salary obligations adding that Gweru was not the only local authority struggling financially.

“We will pay our workers from Grade One to Seven by Friday. Yes, we will be paying April salaries, but like any other council, we are struggling financially”, he said.

“But the situation in Gweru is not dire like other municipalities which have gone for several months without paying employees.”

Early last month, workers threatened to embark on industrial action over late payment of salaries.

Since dolarisation in 2009, the cash-strapped municipality has been failing to pay workers on time and only started paying December bonuses last month to the lower grades.

Council has, however, been failing to balance between paying bonuses to all workers and salaries on time.