Evicted Vic Falls villagers arrested


ABOUT 30 Woodlands Farm villagers were yesterday arrested and detained at the Victoria Falls Police Station for staging a protest against their alleged forced eviction from the game farm on Saturday.


One of the villagers Gloria Moyo told Southern Eye cops forcibly drove them off the farm.

“About 14 police officers drove to our camp on Saturday morning and told us that we had to move out as they were planning to guard the farm according to a court order they claimed to have had, but we later noticed it was a mere court application,” she said.

Moyo said their anger was compounded by the fact that their leader Tendai Musasa was not sharing money realised from game hunting at the farm.

“The hunting quota was exhausted and we made about $320 000 last year but we did not get anything.

“We even tried to report the matter to the police but nothing was done,” Moyo added.

Another villager said some clients recently came to hunt without relevant documents, but efforts to stop them were fruitless.

“One of the clients from South Africa has been hunting at the farm for quite a long period without a hunting permit and we suspect Musasa has been conniving with him,” she said.

“We reported the matter, but nothing was done.

“The farm has been registered as Musasa Farm yet we are a group of 118 people.

“We first settled here in 2002 and Musasa came in 2012 and fooled us by promising that he would make new developments if we voted for him and we all signed accepting him as our leader yet his aim was to defraud us.

“We are not getting any support from the law because he is supported by the police and the High Court.

“Each time we try to make decisions as shareholders, as long as he is against them, we always receive summons as he tells us that we have to seek lawyers to defend ourselves,” one of the villagers said.

Police said they were still gathering facts before they could comment on the matter.