Bev can’t touch men: Court


POPULAR dancer, Junior Lizzy Zinhu, commonly known as Beverly “Bev” Sibanda, yesterday pleaded guilty to physically getting in contact with men during her performances.


She was slapped with a $100 fine or a 60-day jail term if she failed to pay the fine.

Harare Magistrate Donald Ndirowei also slapped Bev with a two-month jail term, which was wholly suspended for five years on condition that she does not get into contact with her audience while performing striptease.

Bev was arrested after her recent show at the Airport Lounge night club in Harare where she invited male patrons to the stage.

She made physical contact with the audience in violation of her striptease certificate from the Censorship Board.

The conditions of the licence are that: “No physical contact should be made between the artiste and the audience during the performance of striptease act nor should the performer of a striptease act leave the open floor area for the purpose of the act as a stage.”

In mitigation through her lawyer Jivas Mudimu, Bev (23) apologised to the general public, the State and the court for her actions and promised not to repeat the offence.

She even told the court that her management team was planning to employ more bouncers and beef up security at all her shows in order to avoid a repeat of what led her into trouble with the law.

“The accused’s fans were overjoyed and drunk and could jump on to the stage to welcome their star or queen of dance,” Mudimu said.

“The accused’s bouncers failed to protect the accused from the invaders and them being her fans, she could not push them away.

“She has sent me to pass a message of apology to the general public, the State and this court at large over what happened.”

According to prosecutor Francesca Mukumbiri, Bev, who resides at 57 Lee Rox Avenue, Hillside, Harare, and is employed as a striptease dancer aligned to Bev and Sexy Angels, is certified to do striptease.

On May 30 this year, at Airport Lounge Bev invited male patrons to the stage where she danced along with them in contravention of the conditions of her licence.

Bev would at times leave the open floor used as a stage and get to the audience where she got into contact with patrons.