Zim charms Charma Gal


GABORONE — Botswana’s rising music star Magadeline Lesolebe, also known as Charma Gal, who is a member of Culture Spears, has defended her three-year contract with Diamond Studios of Zimbabwe.

Charma Gal confirmed that she signed a deal with the Zimbabwean studio to boost her sales.

Charma Gal

She said Diamond Studios will be distributing her latest album E ke Ntolo Chomi Yame Volume 5.

“I signed with them last week Thursday and we will see how things turn and if possible we may expand our working relationship.”

She also mentioned that she does think that she will be cheated in the process because there is an office in Zimbabwe that will be overseeing her sales.

On why she decided to do a deal in Zimbabwe, Charma Gal pointed out that locally there is no distributing company.

“It is not good for artistes to distribute their albums because they may end up losing focus and respect,” she said.

“That’s why we have managers and distributors to do the job for us.”

She added that the other reason is the small population of Botswana which she said could not support many artistes.

She said although the Botswana government does try to support artists, it could not match what was being done in Zimbabwe.

“Batswana should not think that I have dumped them, I am not signed there as an artiste, but only my distribution and management of sales,” Charma said.

Charma Gal collaborated with contemporary musician Mukudzei Mukombe, better known as Jah Prayzah, on the track Dalie Wami from his latest album Kumbumura Mhute.

Before that, she had performed in Zimbabwe for a couple of years ago under the group Culture Spears of Kulenyane fame.

She has five albums under her name (‘Eke Ntolo’ Volume 1 to 5) and she said she would tour Zimbabwe in the near future.

— The Voice