Minister’s firm in trouble


A VICTORIA FALLS tourism company linked to Environment Water and Climate minister Saviour Kasukuwere, is in trouble after its workers secured a writ of execution to attach property worth nearly $200 000 in salary and wage arrears.


In a case pitting the United Touring Company (UTC) against Danisa Tshuma and 22 other employees, the Sheriff was ordered by the High Court to attach movable and immovable property of the company worth $185 554,94 plus costs.

The High Court ruling on case number HC. 2935/13 reads: “You are hereby required and directed to attach and take into execution the movable goods of UTC . . . and of the same cause to be realised the sum of $185 554,94 and also other costs and charges of the applicants in the said suit . . .”

UTC is also further set to lose two industrial and one residential stand which could go under the hammer if the company does not raise the required amount.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a member of the UTC workers’ committee said they would not leave any stone unturned in pursuit of implementing the order.

“We are going to attach the property of UTC to the last rag to ensure that everything that we are owed is paid. We are in the course of looking for title deeds to other stands which the company owns and are also considering attachment of boats which are docked along the Zambezi River,” the worker said.

UTC’s problems started when it retrenched workers and promised to pay them their dues not later than October 2011.

In September 2013 an arbitral award was issued in favour of employees and registered with the High Court in January 2014.

That registered arbitral award is what was used by the High Court to issue a writ of execution against UTC after it failed to fulfill the conditions of the order.