So much for this and that . . .


I SUPPOSE that independence is a good thing as far as countries are concerned. As the power house United States celebrates theirs today, I could not help toy with the independence idea in my mind.

If I were a politician I would easily fill this publication on issues relating to independence.

Thankfully I am a simple marketer. In just a few sentences I will conclude my story on independence or the lack thereof and its pros and cons.

While most entrepreneurs would love the idea of being independent, it is not entirely always feasible.

They have to go through the trepidation of finding investors to believe and run with their vision with them and for them.

Wooing an investor is not easy, so the best thing would be for the entrepreneur to keep his pitch simple.

It is normally the idea that should be understood well at first more than the figures and all the other technical issues pertaining to the pitch. Lofty and philanthropic purposes are best avoided.

This way the entrepreneur may avoid the much-dreaded independence when they are not financially strong.

Once the entrepreneur has acquired funding the best thing he can do for himself is to get the best people to work for and with him.

Entrepreneurs need to be wary of the fact that sometimes people with great credentials do not necessarily deliver and some people without those turn out to be great.

Experience should also be considered when hiring. It would help if say potential employees were seen at work, if possible, before hiring.

In the Zimbabwean setting this may off course be difficult. When an entrepreneur gets solid employees, it is best that he never takes them for granted.

It will also be very easy to motivate these employees who are committed to the cause.

Creativity will also keep the entrepreneur going. I am always in awe of how creative big organisations such as Coca-Cola are.

My mind goes back to the 2010 World Cup Soccer advertisement, where even opposites attracted for the common issue between them, and in their example, this was soccer.

I was equally in awe of how Nandos turned a potentially sticky situation into a great advert where they invite Luis Suarez to bite into the Portuguese taste rather than bite the Italian.

I laughed my heart out; I thought it was very creative. It is this creativity test entrepreneurs need to keep up and to differentiate themselves.

The entrepreneur also needs to constantly keep getting better at his trade. He or she needs to pay attention to it and understand how it operates.

It is important to study their fields and business around them. It would be tragedy to know everything about your particular trade but be clueless in figures. It is important that an entrepreneur be financially savvy.

Way back when I was a lot younger, I wondered why my brother in law, an ophthalmologist, had taken time off to study business management.

I thought that surely he was smart enough to know how to manage his business, I was so wrong.

People are only experts in their own field, but it is absolutely critical to be aware of the other subjects that will affect the business or the entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are like me, it is not often true that they are born with the talent, but instead must have to take time to develop their skills.

Very few have the natural ability. Talent is on my part, the result of deliberate and focused work. Entrepreneurs need to take time to assimilate as much as possible. After all, prodigies are in fact carefully trained.

Lastly, the entrepreneur needs to have great problem solving skills. Problems come with the terrain and the entrepreneur should never be surprised.

It is important for the entrepreneur to keep his eyes on the ideals as well as on the reality. It is good to be in centre of the things that can be controlled.

It is important to review issues and to be on top of the agenda.

The entrepreneur’s mindset should include responsibility and focus. So much for this and that . . .

 Till next week, keep reading the red publication and remain Brand Savvy.