Rapper Kasomali releases Soldier


RAP singer Pritchard Kasomali has released a hip-hop single titled Soldier.


Pritchard-Teeko-KasomaliIn an Interview with Southern Eye Lifestyle Kasomali, who has experienced a fair share of challenges in the music industry, said the track is meant to motivate people who have thrown in the towel to pick it up. Like true soldiers in a war, he urges them to soldier on and in the end emerge victorious.

“I have come across supportive people, but some do not want you to succeed. I am pushing hard, but at times it gets harder,” he said.

“ The track encourages listeners not to give in, but press on and eventually they would reach their dreams.”

The track is a collaboration with Ozzbit, a hip-hop upcoming artiste and Calvin Nhliziyo, aka Cal-Vin, who has been making waves on ZiFM’s Gibson Ncube’s Bulawayo Top Ten Charts and ZiFM Breakfast Show with his hit Bebengakholwa.

Soldier was produced at Volt Face Records. It was promoted during the release of a new single by Mzoe 7 at Cape to Cairo dubbed Wedding Day on Friday night.

Kasomali doubles up as director of Star Open Mic (SOM) set, a talent search project which has taken Bulawayo and Victoria Falls by storm.

The youthful artist has a dream of organising the best talent in the land through SOM search which started in Bulawayo on March 1 then proceeded to Victoria Falls on June 14. It is scheduled for Gweru, Hwange and lastly Harare in August.

The season final will be held in Bulawayo in December which will see the winner walking away with a professionally-recorded EPI album and a music video for the EPI album with Zimbabwe’s top producers to choose from.

Meanwhile, Kasomali was scheduled to celebrate his 25th birthday at Rainbow Cinema last night. Artistes such as Alaina of the Juice Box fame, Rap artiste Awa, FC Army, K Hood Cartel, Poy, Krusty, Ozzbit, Upper class, The Klapp family and many more were billed to perform at the gig.


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