Residents drag councillor to court


COWDRY PARK residents in Bulawayo last week dragged their ward councillor Collet Ndlovu to court accusing him of embezzling several thousands of dollars meant for the procurement of commuter omnibuses.


The residents claimed that Ndlovu bought the kombis and registered them in his children’s names.

However, the matter did not go for prosecution and the disputing parties sat down with area prosecutor Samuel Nleya for deliberations before the case could be heard.

Nleya confirmed that Ndlovu and the residents met in his office, but said the matter could not be taken for prosecution as the docket was not yet ready.

“That one (the matter) came here, but it has not yet been taken to court because we still need to study the record before
taking it for prosecution,” he said.

Angered by the treatment they were getting from kombi touts, residents formed the Cowdray Park Taxis Association (CPTA) in March.

Their plan was to buy kombis which would help them eliminate the problem of being harassed by touts.

Residents were each asked to contribute $60 per head towards the project and recently the company unveiled two kombis aimed at easing transport woes in the suburb.

CPTA bought two kombis, but residents have now accused Ndlovu of embezzling their money.

Last month, CPTA was in the process of registering the kombis and should have been serving residents by this month.

Ndlovu said CPTA was also in the process of securing a loan from a local bank to enable residents to purchase 18 more kombis.