Zapu youth leader quits

There is no doubt that our work would have been easier and more co-ordinated if we had centres in Harare and Bulawayo for our northern and southern region activities respectively.

FORMER Zapu national youth chairperson and national executive member Tichaona Revai Sithole has accused party president Dumiso Dabengwa of dictatorial tendencies saying he was clueless and had failed to revive Zapu.


Sithole, who defected from Zanu PF and had a stint with Simba Makoni’s Mavambo/Dawn/Kusile project before joining Zapu, said he was ready to go back to the ruling party.

Sithole told a press conference in Masvingo on Saturday that he had quit Zapu after realising that he was being “used by people with ulterior motives”.

“I quit Zapu as of July 15. I felt I was being used to settle some personal scores,” he said. “I am ready to go back to Zanu PF. If they will not take me back, then I will pursue business. I will not return to Zapu.”

Sithole accused Dabengwa of running the party by himself.

“He does not implement things agreed in meetings. He does what he want,” he said. “I did not understand him at all. No one in Zapu can stand up to him.

“Members were being fired or suspended for reasons we did not understand. Dabengwa has no direction. He is a dictator. Zapu has failed. It is of no use to be in the opposition for the sake of opposing without achieving anything. What is the reason of Zapu being a political party?”

He urged the former Zipra intelligence supremo to apologise to President Robert Mugabe and return to Zanu PF.


  1. Was he ever Zapu? Which youth did he lead and what did do? Just go back. Your mission failed or was achieved whatever but Zapu should not spend sleepless nights about people who admire Zanupf. Amahlanzo hatshi!

  2. Nothing new with this Sithole guy. Just standing on shaky sand. Banana backbone. Blown by any wind. Is this new? Only if you do not know the political history of Zimbabwe.

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