Ebola: Mugabe fears for Zimbabweans


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday expressed concern over the safety of Zimbabwean diplomats and support staff in West African missions following the outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease.


Addressing Zanu PF central committee members at the party’s headquarters in Harare, Mugabe said: “We have people in foreign missions in other countries. We are wondering if they are safe.”

Nearly 1 000 people have so far died in West Africa with the killer virus reportedly rapidly spreading in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria.

As a result, governments in the region have closed schools and tacked their citizens to contain the outbreak.

“I have heard that we have our prison officers in Liberia. We are looking after their own convicted criminals. I don’t have much information, but that is the information I have. I don’t know whether our prison guards are safe,” Mugabe said.

Turning to preparations for next week’s Sadc summit in Victoria Falls, Mugabe said to date, 11 of the 14 heads of State had confirmed attendance.

Mugabe, who will assume chairmanship of the regional bloc at next week’s summit, attacked the West for its stance on gay rights which he said was a violation of human rights because it was neither customary nor enshrined in the Bible.

“Let’s continue to support our culture, not what (US President Barack) Obama wants. They say those who do not want to recognise the gay rights will not get funding. So who is violating human rights? Is it natural that a man can take another man for wife or a woman relating to another woman sexually?”

Mugabe accused social media platforms of promoting moral decadence and contributing in the spread of HIV and Aids.


  1. its High time also Government ban second hand clothes thy might be contaminated with Ebola virus

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