Zanu PF outdoing itself


ZANU PF has hit an all-time low with the invasion of liberation struggle icon Dumiso Dabengwa’s Nyamandlovu farm.

The history of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle can never be complete without the mention of people such as Dabengwa, who led the Zipra intelligence unit.

He is one of the most senior surviving lieutenants of the late Vice- President Joshua Nkomo whom Zanu PF claims to idolise.

It is common knowledge that Zanu PF has been at the forefront of trashing Nkomo’s ideals and the arrival of the criminals that are now indiscriminately cutting down trees at Dabengwa’s Ruby Farm perfectly fits into that agenda.

These are the same misfits who led the invasion of the Bulawayo City Council’s Mazwi Nature Reserve.

Police have simply folded their hands while the invaders chop down trees and destroy the delicate ecosystem.

There are disturbing reports that the invaders have been seen using Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment ministry vehicles during their illegal errands.

Zanu PF has not come out to distance itself from the criminal activities at both Mazwi Nature Reserve and Dabengwa’s farm and this gives the impression that the party endorses the lawlessness.

It is common cause that if Zanu PF was not behind the lawlessness, the police would have acted by now to remove the squatters.

President Robert Mugabe’s justification for the mayhem that visited commercial farms since 2000, resulting in the murder of white commercial farmers, was that landless blacks had become impatient with the property owners who were reluctant to share the land.

Mugabe insisted the seizures were meant to correct colonial imbalances and maintained that the white farmers deserved what was coming their way because they had seized the land from blacks.

However, a new pattern is emerging of Zanu PF thugs targeting black-owned farms.

The party should come out clearly on this and the nation needs an explanation on why Zanu PF is persecuting Dabengwa.