DJ Tawaz spreads dancehall to Byo


Bulawayo club DJ Tawanda Tirivanhu, aka Dj Tawaz, has released five dancehall singles, spreading a genré which is not usually associated with artistes from the city and Matabeleland region.


Tirivanhu, a resident Dj at Stopover, produced the singles titled Aumer, Passa Passa dance, Is this Love, Baba and Ubuntu. He is currently working on a video for his music.

Passa Passa dance made it to number eight on Bulawayo’s top 10 chart show on ZiFM proving that the genré has a large following.

“I use my music as a social commentary which also helps me to connect with people and send a message to the upcoming youth not to give up on anything since everything has challenges,” Tirivanhu said.

Tirivanhu’s manager Mclean Mupungu said their aim was to serve a target audience in Bulawayo and move away from the tendency to always hire people from Harare to satiate the local dancehall audience.

“I would love to fuse dancehall with house to appeal to more people from Bulawayo.

“Ubuntu is a good example of our attempts towards achieving this goal,” Mupungu explained.

However, Mupungu bemoaned a lack of unity among Bulawayo artistes saying those from Harare were always ready to collaborate and assist each other.

“We also need our own local radio station because as it is, we don’t get much air play making it difficult for our music to be popular and competitive.

“Since we do this as a hobby, we have limited time for such promotional things as live shows for example, Tawaz is employed as a disk jockey,” Mupungu added.

Dj Tawaz records his music at Mclean Studios and is working on an album to be produced before the end of this year.

Tirivanhu has shared the stage with such artistes as Shinzo at Stopover and Prince K Musarurwa of the Runonzi Rudo fame in Gwanda while most of his work features Centre Party.