How to be ‘super secretary’

Nonto Masuku

ONCE AGAIN, Secretaries’ Day has come around.

Administrative personnel from all over the world, including our very own country, will be celebrating this week.

I always look forward to this time of the year because every year I too celebrate with these very important people.

We all know that secretarial and administrative assistance play an important role in our organisations.

Many bosses are so dependent on these people and would be lost (literally) without them.

The job of a secretary or administrative assistant requires them to be able to juggle many duties, some of which are done simultaneously.

As such, to excel in this job, it is not adequate to be just good at the job.

One needs to be super good. I came across an acronym for SUPER SECRETARY, which I always like to share with secretaries. I would like to share it once again for the benefit of those secretaries who want to excel in their roles.

lSwitch on to technology. New jobs are evolving constantly because of computer knowledge. Make sure you are ready.

lUtilise your skills and abilities fully. Seek new challenges and take on new responsibilities that will expand your skill base.

lProcess your people skills. In today’s team-orientated work environment, learn how to build and maintain positive relationships at work.

lExceed your own best. Learn something new every day from co-workers, newspapers, TV, wherever. Stretch your mind and it will stretch your limits.

lRemove minutes, dollars or hassles from the tasks you do regularly. Play “beat the clock” with yourself. Use good time management.
lSpend time with people you admire the most. Learn whatever they can teach you.

lEducate yourself constantly. Learn new software programs, develop new skills, attend workshops and seminars.

lConstantly set new goals for yourself. Work towards making them happen.

lRevise your working routines and practices constantly. Look for new ways to do things better, quicker, more efficiently and more effectively.

lExcel yourself. Give 100% every time, not just when you think there may be something in it for you. Give your best every time and it will build consistently into a superior performance.

lTry to be true to yourself. Know your values and where you draw the line.

lAvoid negative people. What they have is contagious, and very difficult to cure.

lRetain an open mind. What you thought was so yesterday may not be so today and vice versa.

Be willing to look at new information in a new light so that you can make new decisions to keep yourself fresh and up-to-date.

lYes! Say yes! Do not let your first thoughts be “it is too much work” or “I don’t know” Approach everything with a positive attitude — say “I can”, not “I can’t”!

Happy Secretaries’ Day to all the secretaries and administrative assistants.

lNonto Masuku is a partner of an image and reputation management firm