Ignore build-up at your own peril: Part II

Moses Tshimukeni Mahlangu

LAST week I had indicated that both the women and youth conferences of Zanu PF had called for the reintroduction of the Border Gezi youth service training.

Arguments for the Youth Service, being that it will expose young people to work experiences, inculcate the right ideological values, instil discipline, empower and equip youth to embark on programmes of value addition and beneficiation.

The key phrase is “inculcation of ideological values”. With the waning support of war veterans, new foot soldiers must be found and this time around the foot soldiers must be the youth.

This new interest in youths could be multipronged. Firstly, it could be an attempt to pre-empty the raging anger over high levels of unemployment.

Alternatively, it could be meant to give youths degrees in violence in preparation for the December elective congress and the 2018 general election.

The ongoing fresh farm invasions could also be an attempt at giving youth land.

You may hate or love Zanu PF, but you will love them for two things, consistence and strategising wizardry. Bob’s reading of the imperialists schemes and machinations is unparalleled.

He is dead right. The man can be very much British if that suits his overall scheming.

Blasphemously some quarters have called him Black Jesus. He is a gift to those benefiting from his good Samaritan offers.

He is acknowledged as an upholder of the great valour and spirit of stubborn resistance against formidable adversaries.

On the consistence platform, beneficiaries view him as a decorated and exuberant politician, whose career testifies to the conviction that he is a visionary of rare gift.

The best description of the man is that he, like Americans has no permanent friends. His friends are those that contribute to his bigger picture of things or else you are dumped to the dustbin of oblivion.

Reverting back to the current affairs; already, groundwork is being prepared for 2018 general election.

After the incident-free election of 2013, the party feels bad, as it did not demonstrate its degrees of violence. In the circumstances, it is now viewed as a toothless bull terrier.

This misconception must be corrected. The dog-eat-dog scenarios, currently taking part within the party could have two meanings.

Firstly it could be manifesting an implosion or a cleansing ceremony.

Remember, at the party, bigger picture issues matter most.

War veterans have done their part, the late Chenjerai Hunzvi, Chinotimba and Jabulani Sibanda to name a few.

It is time to try another, yet “uncorrupted” force. It would appear the divide and rule syndrome runs in Zanu PF’s blood, it is in its DNA.

The list is endless, it started with diverting the nation from mntanenhlabathi/ mnwanawevhu (son of the soil) to pushing the tribal ticket, now divisions are by factions within the party itself.

The advantage of divisions (to the perpetrators) is that the divided spend all their time fighting for self preservation and controlling damage, so as to look compliant to the divider.

The real issue in this whole fiasco is about dominance, containment and subjugation. Two million minority groups should be clear on who is boss.

Tribal relationships have or continue to be redefined. Indeed somebody has been outwitted and outsmarted. But remember there is a master up above, who is watching below. Hence be careful “sharp minds” how you scheme.

Be careful rulers how you rule.

Moses Tsimukeni Mahlangu is the general-secretary for Zimbabwe Urban Councils Workers’ Union. He is a labour consultant and arbitrator.
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