THERE is trouble at 50 Robert Mugabe Way.


These are the headquarters of the country’s second most successful and popular football club, Highlanders FC, who are still reeling from a 1-4 humiliation at the hands of Dynamos in the TM Pick n Pay Challenge Cup at the National Sports Stadium on Saturday.

Bosso chief executive officer Ndumiso Gumede said after Monday evening’s routine review meeting, the technical team was told to pull up their stockings or else . . .

Bosso exhibited a terribly poor performance which saw them get one goal from Felix Chindungwe while Dynamos were rewarded through a Simba Sithole brace and a goal each from Roderick Mutuma and Washington Pakamisa.

“The executive expressed its dismay over the exceedingly poor performance of the team in the TM tournament.
The executive also observed that part of the problem was the lack of discipline within the team and pointed out these concerns to the technical team,” Gumede said.

“They also pointed out the concerns of the public on the poor performance of the team with particular regards to the games against Dynamos. The technical team was told to pull up their socks or else . . .”

However, Gumede did not reveal what would happen if results remained elusive. But what is clear is that, the axe will fall anytime soon on both the technical team and some of the players.

Dynamos, who do not even own a washing line, have beaten the asset-laden Highlanders four times this season in the Bob 90 Super Cup in March 2-0, in both league matches, 1-0 home and away and recently in Saturday’s cup.

A section of Bosso fans has called on Kelvin Kaindu to step down as head coach, but the Peter Dube-led executive has stood behind the Zambian mentor.

Meanwhile, Gumede said they discussed the club’s future prospects and agreed that the technical team had to win the Chibuku Cup.

“The world will not come to an end because Highlanders was beaten by Dynamos, but we discussed what the technical team should do henceforth. We have implored them to put all their eggs in the correct basket and salvage the respect we have,” he said with regards to the Chibuku Cup.

Gumede said people who did not contribute to the club should not call for the ouster of the technical team.
“People who do not play a significant monetary role (in the club) should not say so and so must go. The people who are members and not just the general supporters have that mandate. We respect all our supporters and their support, but they must leave the decision to the office bearers that they elected.

“If we let everyone decide who stays and who goes, we will not have a club to talk about. Look at what happened to Zimbabwe Saints. Where are they? That is what happens if you do not honour your hierarchy,” said the veteran football administrator.


  1. This is unprofessional way of reporting. what fire are you referring to Thandiwe? I believe reporters are employed by media houses to provide information to the general public, not to influence decisions in properly constituted institutions or meddle in internal matters. Whose interest are you serving Thandiwe? Stick to the basics of your profession.

  2. Baba ndumiso so far ukhulumile but awukhulumanga thts not solving by saying chibuku cup,its clear kaindu has failed us n shd leave with immidiate effect to be a couch is to hav positive results,more so this player are nw clueless wht it means to don a mantengwane jersey there not feeling @heart,gone where the days we used to hav the likes of choruma chilufya dabitso,honour,ngodzo,masawi beke thulani biya siza gift thebe,kapini,they knew wht it meant to be @first 11 mina ngithi buy ryt players n wht hapened to the development??????

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