Vuka Mthwakazi to feature at slam, poetry event


THE Bulawayo Slam and Poetry event, Open Mic Fridays, will feature presentations from a recently published book Vuka Mthwakazi by Khumbulani Maphosa.


Maphosa wants to use the event, slatted for Mashies restaurant from 3 to 6pm on Friday, to publicise his new book, an Ndebele collection of 50 poems which inspire, encourage, critique, satarise and question social issues affecting the people of Matabeleland.

One of the poems Kithi eGwanda bemoans the lack of development and continued social and economic decay in Maphosa’s home area of Gwanda.

“Uthuleleni Thuleleni? is another of my poems whose main theme is to encourage people not to just sit and watch while things in their lives, communities and country are being messed up and destroyed,” the poet said.

In Uloywe Ngubani? Maphosa challenges and encourages people to work together while he tries to show them how they are affected by bickering and disunity.