SMEs remain faithful to Byo

Nonto Masuku

BULAWAYO is a beautiful city with so much potential and determined individuals.

Because of the tough economic environment, particularly in Bulawayo, many businesses have closed shop and moved elsewhere.

There are some, however, who have been loyal and persistent, despite the harsh economic environment.

This article is dedicated to those small-to-medium businesses, that have continued to offer exceptional service and maintained a professional image, despite the tough times.

I would like to mention three in particular that I have dealt with in the recent past, namely: Chefferz Catering Solutions, Zulu Safaris and Art-Effex.

No matter how small or big the job has been, these businesses have not let me down. I want to call these some of Bulawayo’s hidden gems.

Chefferz is a catering company that offers exceptional service. They look and deliver a professional service all the time.

Their food is very tasty and their service in general is flawless. Zulu Safaris is a tourism and hospitality company.

Their coaches are clean and they handle their customers in a very professional manner. Last but not least, Art-Effex is a printing company.

The Art-Effex team is creative, their products reasonably priced and their quality consistently good. mentions some of the important musts required to run a successful business. Some of these are;

Take what you do seriously,

Remember it is all about the customer,

Project a positive business image

Business owners must go out of their way and make a conscious effort to always project the most professional business image possible.

The majority of small business owners do not have the advantage of elaborate offices or elegant storefronts.

Instead, they must rely on imagination, creativity, and attention to the smallest detail when creating and maintaining a professional image for their business,

Build a top-notch business team
No one person can build a successful business alone. It is a task that requires a team that is committed to the success of the business.

Create a competitive advantage
A business must have a clearly defined unique selling proposition. There is need to identify one or a combination of aspects that will separate one’s business from competitors.

It could be better service, better selection, more flexible payment options, lowest price or a combination of several of these.

Build a rock-solid reputation
A good reputation is unquestionably one of a business’s most tangible and marketable assets.

A good reputation cannot be bought. It is earned by honouring one’s promises.

The businesses I have mentioned in this article have exuded these characteristics. I do not know if any of these organisations have won any accolades, but they certainly deserve some recognition. Just keep doing what you are doing. Bulawayo applauds you.

Nonto Masuku is a partner of an image and reputation management firm