Edgars donates furniture to Nyamandlovu school


GRADE 7 learners at Makokomba Primary School in Nyamandlovu will for the first time write their examinations while sitting on chairs and using desks that were donated by Edgars Stores yesterday.


The school was opened in 2005 and currently has an enrolment of 232 learners and seven teachers.

Since it first opened its doors, it has been operating without a single desk or chair in all its classrooms for either teachers or pupils and they used flat wooden planks to press their exercise books on.

However, this has now all changed after Edgars Stores donated furniture worth over $4 000.

Makokomba Primary School Development Committee chairperson John Ndlovu said he was thrilled that learners would have to use desks and chairs in their classrooms for the first time and hoped this would result in a marked improvement in the pass rate.

“The issue of furniture has been our major problem and we are grateful to Edgars for their assistance,he said.

“They previously assisted our school by donating timber for roofing. This school has so many problems and as a result teachers don’t stay for long”. Edgars Stores section collections manager Loveness Dube said: “When we heard that pupils sat on the floor during lessons, we decided to offer a helping hand. We are donating 32 desks and 30 chairs. Edgars will also donate three combo desks. I am sure the morale of teachers and pupils will improve with the donation of this furniture.”