CIO disrupts MDC-T meeting


THE police and suspected members of the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) allegedly disrupted an MDC-T Matobo North executive meeting held at Tshapu business centre last on Sunday claiming that it had not been sanctioned.


The meeting was being held on the business premises of former Speaker of Parliament Lovemore Moyo.

Moyo, a former MP for the area and current national chairperson of the MDC-T, said he was called by MDC-T officials who informed him that police were wreaking havoc on his property and he had to drive there.

He said the meeting was meant for the auditing of structures and filling of gaps ahead of the provincial congress slated for Gwanda on October 3.

“Zanu PF is driven by panic. This was an executive meeting of people drawn from various wards to audit structures,” Moyo said.

“As a registered political party, we know the kind of meetings where we must apply for clearance and when not to apply.”

Upon asking the police officers why they had blocked the meeting, Moyo said they told him that they were working under instructions.

He said Zanu PF would not deter their efforts and expressed shock that the police were still being used as Zanu PF security officers.

“We will work our way out and Zanu PF will not deter our efforts. We shall continue working for ordinary Zimbabweans for the betterment of the country. I am shocked that the police system is still used in a wrong way despite the fact we tried by all means to make tremendous strides during the coalition government,” Moyo said.

There were allegations that a former member of the party, who is now in the renewal team conspired with the CIO boss in Kezi to block the meeting with the help of the police chief in Matobo district.

“We have been informed that one of the former party members who has joined the renewal team also connived with police officers and the CIO boss in Kezi to come and disrupt the meeting,” Moyo added.