Warrant of arrest for deputy mayor


BULAWAYO magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa yesterday ordered that a warrant of arrest be issued for Bulawayo deputy mayor Gift Banda after he failed to appear in court over allegedly defaulting in paying maintenance amounting to $2 400.

Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Gift Banda
Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Gift Banda


The maintenance was due to be paid for the upkeep of a minor child he sired with Kholiwe Sitshoni. Banda was due to appear in court yesterday morning.

He and Sitshoni were seen at Tredgold Magistrates’ Courts earlier during the day, but were reportedly advised that their case would be heard at 2:15pm.

However, Banda was nowhere to be seen at the set time.

At 3pm a court orderly called his name out three times, but Banda still did not appear, prompting Muchemwa to order that a warrant of arrest be issued against him.

The State alleges that on January 27 2014, Banda was ordered to pay maintenance of $150 per month for the upkeep of his child with Sitshoni at the Maintenance Court in Bulawayo.

Banda defaulted paying for the agreed months in 2014.

The deputy mayor was due to pay his child’s school fees and medical bills last July and he accumulated arrears of $2 400.

Sitshoni went back to the courts to seek recourse, leading to summons being issued against Banda.