Bollywood Extravaganza at Big Brother


JOHANNESBURG — Keeping the extravagant in extravaganza, the housemates received their brand new theme: Bollywood.

This will definitely give them a chance to show Africa a little bit of everything — music, song and dance — using their talent and new skills.

Tasked with making the Bollywood Extravaganza “sensual, musical and dramatic”, it also has to include “action, movement, love, hate, passion and revenge.” With this wide range of show stopping elements in place, it’s sure to be an exciting show.

As Head of House, Samantha had to pick Team A, with the rest of the housemates forming Team B. For Team A, Samantha chose: Kacey Moore, JJ, Esther, Laveda, Nhlanhla, Lilian, Ellah, Idris, Alusa, Permithias and M’am Bea. This left Arthur, Butterphly, Frankie, Macky2, Mr 265, Goitse, Luis, Sipe, Sabina, Sheillah, Tayo and Trezagah to create Team B.

Samantha explained that her decisions were based on who could dance and direct. She seemed to regret skipping over Arthur and Goitse, but then said it was only fair that the other team have dancers too.

Housemates were informed that the Bollywood Extravaganza must tell a story, and include at least one group number. It will be interesting to see who takes the lead in each team, since last time this caused a lot of angst over creative control.

Not content to see the housemates laze about, Biggie told them they had to start planning the outlines of their shows immediately.

With planning underway, Africa already thinks there will be “drama, action, love and hate”!